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How To James somerton channel analytics: 4 Strategies That Work

What has queer YouTube content creator James Somerton been accused of in Hbomberguy's latest 4-hour video on him?James Somerton lost thousands of subscribers after Hbomberguy's video went viral. His Social Blade clearly states how he has lost more than 70,000 subscribers during the last month.James Somerton: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. ... takes on often controversial and taboo subjects such as social unrest have earned him over 230,000 subscribers to his channel. He often focuses his attention on pop culture like Harry Potter and Marvel comics. In December ...Spreading rumors about "horses" may result in ban. James Somerton's comments are turned off. I checked it while still watching the video and a couple of comments reading "hey if you like this guy you should check out Hbomberguy's new video" and like an hour later they are turned off on all community posts. Seems like he felt posting a vague ...Overview. James Somerton Alleged Suicide refers to panic and debate surrounding a Twitter / X post in early March 2024 by James Somerton, who has been embroiled in controversy since YouTuber HBomberguy released a four-hour takedown video accusing Somerton of plagiarism in December 2023. The rumored death comes after months of harassment towards Somerton regarding the plagiarism allegations ...As others note in this thread, Nick is complicit in the scam that James Somerton has been running, and there has been serious harm that has resulted from this. Unfortunately, turning to attack and shame a singular figure is where this was inevitably going to end up, rather than asking the more important questions of how a scam like this could ...James Somerton is back (again), and Todd has some questions for him. Video is here, just posted an hour or so ago. 8K subscribers in the ToddintheShadow community. Todd in the Shadow's dedicated subreddit! Watch Todd's One Hit Wonderland, where he takes a look at….Likewise, Somerton has raised questions over his sexuality due to his content online. Through his Tumblr account, it was confirmed by the creator himself that he belongs to the queer community. Moreover, it can be stated that James Somerton is gay, despite much speculation that he also could be bisexual.Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.Hbomberguy's video on Somerton's plagiarism: in the Shadows' video on Somerton's lies: James Somerton ran a Youtube channel on queer media, and had a decent following. Hbomberguy is another Youtuber who does long-form video essays on various subjects, his latest one being a deep dive into Youtube and plagiarism. He provided extensive evidence that Somerton had plagiarized several outside works and other …Overview of the video: -He needed to go to the hospital after SH. -Nick up and left him. -"I didn't realize I was hurting people" was said like ~12 times. -Apologizes for not fact checking the stuff he plagirized, said that he never wrote anything. -Thanks H.bomberguy for making the fund for the people plagirezed.See our a wide range of residential properties for sale in and around the Somerton, Martock and South Petherton area. Somerton 01458 274153. Somerton 01458 274153. Home; Latest Properties; For Sale; Auctions; Services; About. About Us; Blog; Register; Valuation; Grays at Home; Contact Us; Home; Latest Properties; For Sale; Auctions ...Disgraced Video Essayist / Accused Plagiarist James Somerton is Still Trying to Make a Comeback . ... James followed and, in the process, ruined any chance of Final Girl ever being produced. - no $$$ was ever to go to Nick and James, only to pay actors and crew (but well below Union rates, he called it, "community theater but for film")During his research, he discovered that James Somerton was plagiarizing content, and decided to dive deep on him. Hbomb did not talk to Somerton about this, or bring the evidence to him - maybe because he did not have any channels to speak directly to him with. But, he did have channels to talk with his fellow creators on Nebula.Plus, James seems to make the mistake that a lot of people make and believe that Shakespeare invented the plot of Romeo and Juliet from whole cloth, which isn't true. See, this is what makes it obvious that not only was he plagiarizing, Somerton couldn't even be bothered to think about the miniscule amount of work he was doing.We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.Even in James first patron post after the video dropped he said "myself and Nick" in reference to being "targeted" by a larger creator. Even though Nick was explicitly not "targeted" by the video. Nick probably feels any "attack" on James is also an attack on Him. And at the time of his discord comments was unaware of the scope of damning ...James Somerton posts non-apology Youtube video. Restores his Patreon page without making a post to notify any of his supporters. 2023/12/21, 7:50 AM. Somerton removes apology video and his Patreon is taken back down. Youtube channel makes a community post promising to return with a real apology next time. Locked post. New comments …20 Dec 2023 ... Comments2.1K. Kishanta. James Somerton deactivating his patreon in a panic without a word making it harder for folks to remember/ ...Jesus Christ, my dude....Originally posted on December 20, 2023 with the title "I'm sorry". James Somerton also had activated his Patreon again at about the same time. By the morning...A Critique of James Somerton's video "queer film theory and why it matters". that article makes no sense whatsoever. what actual criticism is even said? all i got was "he defined some things differently than i would". beyond that it becomes unintelligible. 15K subscribers in the QueerTheory community.Update video released by James Somerton on April 1st 2023, where he claims his monthly Patreon payout suddenly dropped by 50% and that there was a drop in views due to age restrictions being applied to his videos. ... This upload was delisted, and 18 more videos were uploaded to the channel after. The Patreon shut down in December 3rd 2023 ...Slight correction, Hbomb's video went up on the 2nd, Todd's on the 3rd. Piggybacking off a top comment to also add that Gaiman had reblogged Somerton's video about him in the past week, probably without watching it, so this is probably why he felt the need to comment on his downfall.The video: to find me:Follow me on Twitter: https:/...Overview. HBomberguy vs. James Somerton Plagiarism Scandal refers to YouTuber Hbomberguy's takedown of fellow YouTuber James Somerton in a December 2023 video titled, "Plagiarism and You (Tube)." Somerton, a YouTube essayist who primarily discusses LGBTQ+ representation in popular media, was the primary focus of a nearly four-hour-long video ...I never want to react to anything ever again.--Links--Store: https:...In the wake of disgraced youtuber James Somerton's exposure for plagiarism, an unreleased video he made about Revolutionary Girl Utena was leaked to the public. Panda, Alice, Cass, Vanna from Empty Movement, and Lottie from the Empty Movement discord server gathered to talk about the controversy and the abysmal …Reupload of James Somerton "apology" video in all it's "glory")Social media users have shared concerns for YouTuber James Somerton after he posted worrying messages online. The YouTuber posted alarming sentiments online and spoke about "ending things".Twitter: je_somerton. This video contains copyrighted material. The use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. I am making this material available in my efforts to further bring to light the history …How James Somerton’s plagiarism contributes to misinformation and queer erasure The biggest takeaway for Harry is that plagiarism is not just laziness, it can have a deeply and profoundly ...Mar 11, 2024 · David James. Published: Mar 11, 2024 4:55 AM PDT. This article mentions suicide. Please read with caution. UPDATE 2: It appears that James Somerton is indeed alive: James Somerton is alive. pic ... The video was removed from his channel with Somerton writing in a note that he wasn't "in a healthy frame of mind to be posting anything online." If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255), chat on , or text Crisis Text ...James apologises for the plagiarism. Says he tried to add them in sources and "based on" but he now knows that wasn't enough. Admits he didn't even do that a lot of the time immediately after. Says he's not sorry he was caught, he's definitely sorry for doing it. "I didn't realise I was hurting people".There's an entire ocean of queer webtoons (both popular and obscure), but no one is making devoted video essays of. He could easily dominate the webtoon video essay sphere because the top dog (literally) is a jackass right wing grifter that uses slurs to make up for his severe lack of personality and analytical skills.The swiftness and brutality of Hbomberguy’s complete evisceration of James Somerton’s career cannot be overstated. #Hbomberguy #James Somerton. Tip. ... least you didn't "youtube essayist releases a 4-hour video on plagiarism and half of it is dedicated to exposing your channel, followed a day later by another youtuber releasing a 1-hour-40 ...View the daily YouTube analytics of James Somerton and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts.DataMale. ADMIN MOD. On Leftist Misogyny. The "Misogyny" chapter on James Somerton has left me wondering about something I'm sure you guys have all noticed in recent years, which is the concept of: "Trans Inclusive Radical Misogyny". This is where people will supposedly "validate" the identity of trans women by treating them as poorly as they ...(to:je_somerton) (@je_somerton) until:2023-03-31 since:2023-03-29 ... Now, these in isolation are unremarkable because his Patreon at the time was bringing in ~$8000 per month, his channel was a full on Business business, and so investing in some professional equipment of that level is maybe a bit indulgent but justifiable. ... James has (had ...What has happened since James Somerton was accused of plagiarism by Hbomberguy? Jmes Somerton has seemingly attempted to purge his presence on social media and the internet since the row erupted. While his YouTube channel and videos are still available, his account on X, formerly Twitter, was deleted shortly after Hbomerguy’s video went live.Somerton was the subject of nearly two hours of the video's four-hour runtime (seen below). Hbomberguy's central thesis in criticizing Somerton was that his focus on LGBTQ+ analysis was often stolen from other queer writers, with no due credit given. As a creator who claims to be trying to relay the untold or under-discussed side of …All three of these channels have not spoken publicly about the claims in Brewis’ video and have not returned a request for comment. But the most egregious examples were about James Somerton, a queer media analysis channel with over 300,000 subscribers. For over half the video’s run time, Brewis shows what he claims to …It's safe to say Hbomberguy's video claiming plagiarism runs rampant on YouTube made waves. James Somerton was the biggest talking point of his video, and also the one who was most affected ...It's safe to say Hbomberguy's video claiming plagiarism runs rampant on YouTube made waves. James Somerton was the biggest talking point of his video, and also the one who was most affected ...Hbomberguy posted the video on his YouTube channel on December 2, 2023. The video is almost 4 hours long and mostly talks about how many famous influencers and content creators have been plagiarizing for a long time. Among many YouTubers he accused, James Somerton is facing a lot of backlash. After the video came out, many of James's fans ...Auction Fees: The purchase of this property may include associated fees not listed here, as it is to be sold via auction. To find out more about the fees associated with this property please call GeorgeJames Properties , Somerton on +441458274153. Profile and contact details of GeorgeJames Properties estate agency in Somerton - Rightmove. James did the plagiarism and spread the misinfDue to the glaring disparity in our profession The subreddit all about the world's longest running annual international televised song competition, the Eurovision Song Contest! Subscribe to keep yourself updated with all the latest developments regarding the Eurovision Song Contest, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, national selections, and all things Eurovision.Hbomberguy posted the video on his YouTube channel on December 2, 2023. The video is almost 4 hours long and mostly talks about how many famous influencers and content creators have been plagiarizing for a long time. Among many YouTubers he accused, James Somerton is facing a lot of backlash. After the video came out, many of James's fans ... 1.2K votes, 14 comments. 41K subscribers in the hbom James Somerton turned off all comments. I checked multiple of his videos and his community posts, and even though I didn't check them all one by one it's safe to assume all comments got turned off as a form of damage control. Videos months to years ago don't have comment sections anymore. Seems he and iilluminaughtii are taking the same route. Seeing as how James Somerton just erased all of his videos, I was...

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• Who is James Somerton ? James Somerton is an American popular storyteller, content creator, and YouTuber. He h...


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Spreading rumors about "horses" may result in ban. James Somerton's comments are tu...


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But it can be a lot of effort just to be able to hunt down where something probably doesn't have a so...


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EVERYTHING, to the point that his channel, unless you go out of your way to use filters, now no longer shows up in a normal searc...


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